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Grow as a Christian Leader!

The Christian Leaders Institute Courses are the foundation for free Award Credentials, low-cost college credentials with the Christian Leaders College, or ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance. See ordination stories, click here. 

Course Professors

These courses are taught by accredited professors who have expertise in their area of study. These courses are correspondence courses that are for you to study at your own pace. If you are not already experienced in your called direction, we recommend that you find a mentor to help you process your education in your preferred area.

Vision Partner Supported

The courses are supported by the gifts Vision Partners. These generous students have been impacted by the classes. They are also supported by Christian leaders, foundations, and churches everywhere who see the importance of giving this opportunity to as many people as possible. The goal is that Christian leaders can study and not be strapped with crippling debt.

Your Role in Changing the World

Maybe you are just starting or an advanced student with several courses of study complete. Perhaps you have been ordained through the Christian Leaders Alliance.  We all have this in common. God put us on this earth for a purpose. God knows what plans he has for you (Jeremiah 29:11). He has begun a good work in You. He will carry it out to completion (Philippians 1:5). God uses Christian leaders to change the world!

Your Studies will Challenge You!

When you dare to improve yourself as a Christian leader, you will be tested! Some tests will be about gaining new or renewed study habits. Some tests will come from being busy and finding the time. Other tests may come through spiritual warfare. Satan does not want a new Christian leader trained, so there will be tests. Since these study courses are free, you provide the motivation, unlike how you would be motivated by all the debt you incur for study at most institutions.

The Christian Leaders Institute website features some of the following:

Site Home

You are on the Home page. This home page introduces you to opportunities to be educated as a Christian leader.


The Dashboard page is the place you automatically go to when you sign in for your studies. At the My Dashboard page, you can access your current enrolled courses and your guidance and credential panel. You can download award credentials on this page as well.


The Courses page brings you to 100 plus courses available to take at Christian Leaders Ministries. We have many courses available like Theology, Old Testament Survey, Biblical Interpretation, Life Coaching Ministry, Enterprise and Business, Prayer, Youth Ministry, Discipleship, General Education, Philosophy, and lots more courses that fit your calling. 


Are you interested in college credentials? Are you interested in ordination or licensing? Are you interested in Life Coaching Certification? Are you interested in Restorative Justice opportunities such as the New Life Card? Are you interested in volunteering? The Programs tab has all of these opportunities listed for you to explore and learn about. 


Maybe you are new to Christian Leaders Institute. You may have questions. The FAQ's folder has articles and videos that help you navigate through the opportunities offered to you.


Here is a quick link to donate and support this free learning worldwide so we can continue to keep raising up Christian Leaders all over the globe.


The Store page is a quick link for you to go to our Christian Leaders Store which has many different products in it. Including Student IDs, Credentials, Christian Leaders Donation Options, Degree Payments, Clergy Kits, Merchandise like Christian Leaders T-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee, keychains, connection cross, and much more. Check out our store.

We are so excited about you being here at Christian Leaders Institute! May God bless you as you explore these opportunities God has given you!

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