Is your goal to officiate at a wedding? This Wedding Officiant Skills class is a one-credit class that gives you the skills needed to officiate a wedding. After you complete this class you can enroll in the Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant Recognition Course and become clergy with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Please note that this class does NOT give College credit; it gives 1 credit at the Institute.

Officiant Ministry skills are the ministry essential skills that clergy need. Whether you are the volunteer, part-time, or career ministry lane, this two-credit course will teach you ministry skills in the following areas:

  • Baptisms and Dedications
  • Funerals
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Professions of Faith
  • Confessions of Sin
  • Forgiveness Prayers and Ceremonies
  • Anointing Ceremonies
  • Care Facilities Visits
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Master of Ceremony

The only essential ministry skill not covered in this course is the Wedding Officiant Skill which are covered in another course.

Please note that this class does NOT give College credit; it gives 2 credits at the Institute.

This course explores some key aspects of pastoring a church including: Your Family and Ministry, Leading the Leaders, Helping People Though Grief, The Nine Facets of Training your Ministry and Small Group Volunteers (Carl George), Sharing the Gospel, Hospitality, and tools for pastors as they set up a discipleship culture in homes of those they influence. This course also offers guidance for dealing with important transitional events, such as baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

This course examines the necessity for church revitalization, the contributing factors that contribute to decline, and the biblical principles which lead to health and vitality.

This class takes many principles of marketing and integrates them with a biblical framework for planting sustainable, reproducible churches. (This class can be used as a marketing core requirement for the Degree program or as an elective in all programs. You can only use this course once in your program.)
People with Down syndrome, autism, ADHD, learning differences, dementia, medical challenges, and other differences of ability are treasured by God and should be treasured in every church. This course provides the framework and practical tools to shape a congregation where people of varying abilities and disabilities can participate and belong.
This course teaches you how to plant a house church and house church network. You will also learn the leadership operating system that makes house churches strong and thriving. This course is a prerequisite for the local ordination with the Christian Leaders Churches or the Christian Leaders Alliance.

This course provides students with a Biblical framework for learning and developing Godly, healthy living skills that promote self-care and community support. Students will learn the foundations of the 12-step recovery process, best practices of conflict management and how to manage one’s dark side. Students will also survey the fundamentals of healthy relationship skills in personal and professional sectors, learn and apply love languages; God-given temperament patterns and how to go from the self to community in the context of the church. 

This class looks at mighty things the Holy Spirit does in the thought, work, and practice of presenting God's grace to others through evangelism.

This course explores various kinds of chaplaincy, such as prison, military, and hospital chaplains, along with the potential for using online chat to minister as "chatplains." Students will engage in biblical and theological reflection about chaplaincy, develop personal qualities and skills, and learn basic practices for bringing Christ's healing presence into challenging situations.

This course explores how godly leaders, relying on the Holy Spirit, can help guide, motivate, mobilize, unify, and equip God's people to pursue God's mission for them.

Ministry 101 gives you a great foundation for pursuing basic ministry. This course is foundational for those who want to serve in a voluntary (bi-vocational) or salary position in ministry. Ministry 101 is one of the three classes required for the Basic Ministry Award. 

This course looks at many of the human relational dynamics that occur in most families. These insights are very helpful for Christian Leaders to lead people into God-glorifying wholeness. (Warning: This course is not for everyone. It equips leaders to help people with sex-related problems and includes material with blunt sex-related discussion.)

This course trains disciples of Jesus to spread the movement in local ministry settings. Students will be equipped to lead a small group, plant a house church, develop a church launch team, and evangelize others. Featuring Francis Chan and David Platt.

This course discusses caring for others pastorally as well as strengthening your own marriage. Whether you are married or not, this course gets at the spiritual principles of what makes a powerful kingdom partnership as a husband and wife become one spiritually, emotionally and sexually. If you are married it is recommended that your spouse participate with you in going through this course.

This course equips students to bring biblical peace culture to every relationship and situation. You will learn to pursue God's purposes in situations of conflict, rather than reacting in harmful ways. You will learn to depend on God's presence and reconciling power to be a peacemaker, applying PeaceSmart principles in families, organizations, and evangelism.

This course discusses people intelligence for life and ministry. This class will help you identify common principles for effective communication and how to improve in your effectiveness. This course also will help you minister to people better as you learn to hear what they are really saying. This course is designed for you learn how to express your love in ways that people will understand.

This class cultivates the art and method of preparing and preaching effective sermons and/or formal Christian presentations. Drawing first upon the Bible and communion with the Spirit, students will deepen their calling as preachers, develop their skills in crafting and delivering powerful messages, and grapple with some practical challenges in preaching.

Restorative Justice 101 - Restoring Relationships - Transforming Justice:  This is the first course in the Restorative Justice track. When someone is convicted of breaking the law, they have actually offended the public. This public offense is a broken relationship. This course teaches how to restore not only the "public offended relationship," but many other relationships as well. 

This course builds upon basics of communication, explores various elements of preparing and preaching sermons, discusses various models of preaching, and presents a wide-ranging sample of preachers for learning and critical evaluation. CLI recommends taking Hermeneutics and Exegesis and Communications 101 before this class.

This advanced class presents key building blocks of a thriving marriage, offers insights for strengthening one's own marriage, develops ability to offer pre-marriage preparation for couples, and cultivates skills for marriage counseling.

This course teaches various life skills and shows how to become healthier and stronger as a total person. Drawing upon a biblical worldview and findings in various disciplines, this course is a journey toward greater fitness in the spiritual, physical, financial, intellectual, emotional, relational, and vocational dimensions of life.

This course empowers women to minister to other women with their unique needs and perspectives. You will learn the importance of women in Scripture and Christian history, develop vision for ministry and deal with obstacles, learn to motivate and train godly women to help others, and develop skills for event planning, team building, leadership training, Bible study selection, crisis counseling, and avoiding burnout.

This course examines the cultivation and practice of worship ministry. You will gain a deeper understanding of various elements of public worship, develop the ability to lead worship teams and musical praise, equip others to be effective worship leaders, discern the impact of worship style on seekers and longtime church members, and make the most of worship space, sound, and lighting.

Dr. Ted Travis

This class empowers youth leaders to not only learn how to disciple youth but also learn how to create local movements for raising up indigenous youth leaders. Dr. Ted Travis is a world leader in mobilizing youth leaders in urban areas. This class is made possible by a grant from the DeVos Urban Youth Leadership Initiative.

This course teaches biblical foundations for youth ministry and trains you in best practices of youth ministry.  Offered in partnership with One Hope Ministries.