This course is being discontinued. If you are currently in this course, you may complete it for credit but new students may not enroll into this course. You can go to the new Church Planting course by clicking here.

This short 1-2 hours admissions class gets you set up to succeed in your formal Christian leader's training. We pray this admissions class will bless you as you begin your ministry training journey. 

The Christian Leaders Connection course gets you going on your ministry training journey. This course connects your ministry calling to your walk with God. This course also introduces you to the culture of Christian Leaders Institute. This important class helps you do well in all your studies at Christian Leaders Institute. This class is required for your first awards and your deacon Ministry ordination.

Only currently enrolled students can continue in this course. New student Enrollment into this course ended December 26, 2018. You can enroll in the new version of this course Here:

Ministry 101

Students who desire to take the School of Divinity Track will finish the Christian Leaders Institute: Getting Started Course (1 Credit) first, then they will take this Ministry 101: Ministry Connections Course. This course will explore your calling to ministry and your walk with God. Some attention will be made to deepening your introduction to Christian Leaders Institute. After you complete this class, you will be awarded your second award, the "Christian Leaders Connection Certificate." 

A licensed wedding officiant has been asked to officiate a wedding. If you have been asked to officiate your the wedding of your son or daughter, this ordained licensed wedding officiant may be perfect for you. This is not a full deacon minister ordination, that requires more training and two more local recommendations.