Getting Started Folder

Welcome to Christian Leaders Learning

We want you to have a great start. As you get started at Christian Leaders Ministries, you will need to finish the "Getting Started Class" that teaches you the culture of the Christian Leaders Ministries, including the Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders College, and Christian Leaders Alliance.  

"Getting Started" Christian Leaders Connection Course

After you complete the Getting Started Class, you can enroll in another getting started course at Christian Leaders Ministries. This course includes lectures, readings, and quizzes. We recommend that you enroll in this Christian Leaders Connection course (3 Credits). The Christian Leaders Connection course is designed to give you a great start with your studies on the Christian Leaders Learning platform. For instance, in this course, you may take the quizzes more than once as you learn how to succeed at taking quizzes. 

This three-credit course gives you a more in-depth orientation to the heart of ministry and leadership.  When you complete this course, you get your first Ministry Award, called the Christian Leaders Connection Award. 

Getting Started Classes

This zero-credit class enables you to become a student at Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and receive a scholarship to take classes free of charge. When you complete this class, you will receive the Christian Leaders Institute Entrance Award. 

Being a CLI student also allows you to enroll in Christian Leaders College courses. If you would like to become a student of Christian Leaders College, you must complete this Getting Started Class, Christian Leaders Connections (3 credits) , and then Christian Leaders College Admissions (0 credits).

Are you called to minister to others? This course launches your ministry training at Christian Leaders. It helps you examine your walk with God and calling to ministry, acquaints you with various opportunities through Christian Leaders Ministries, and orients you to the online learning format.