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We want you to have a great start as you get started at Christian Leaders Institute, College, and Alliance! 

1. MIN 010 - Christian Leaders: Getting Started Scholarship 2021 (0 Cr)

You apply for your scholarship for free study by completing this class. This class gives you a quick orientation to Christian Leaders College, Christian Leaders Institute, and Christian Leaders Alliance. Complete this class to obtain your study scholarship. You are granted one of the limited study scholarships when you complete this class. 

2.  MIN 100 -  Connections - Ministry Basics (3 Cr)

The Christian Leaders Connection course is designed to give you a great start with your studies on the Christian Leaders Institute platform. For instance, in this course, you may take the quizzes more than once as you learn how to succeed at taking quizzes.

When you complete this course, you get your first Ministry Award, called the Christian Leaders Connection Award. 

3.  Ministry Training/Academic Literacy Skills (1 Cr)

This course gives you key skills to do well with academic, theological, and ministry training subjects.

Getting Started Classes

Apply for your study scholarship by completing this getting-started scholarship class. Find out about the many programs available to you as you study Biblical courses that give you competence, confidence, and credibility in your Christian walk and influence.

Christian Leaders Institute is a ministry of Christian Leaders College. 

Are you called to minister to others? This course launches you into the world of ministry training at Christian Leaders. It helps you examine your calling to ministry and your walk with God.  

Do you want to do better in your studies? Do you want to learn to study better? Do you want to learn effective tools for studying the Bible or ministry? This Ministry skills study skills class may be an opportunity to get your study literacy where you want it before you launch your in-depth studies. You will gain more confidence and competence in being a curious and effective learner.