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Enjoy a weekly edition of Christian Leaders Church that focuses on Christian leader topics. Each topic is in a series designed to be a one-credit course. 

  • The services are available to be viewed by CLI students and their families.
  • The messages/sermons featured are part of a course. Further study is needed for those who desire to earn college credit. Students will be able to both enjoy weekly messages/sermons, and those sermons double as lectures. The family gets to be part of your study experience. Family members are also invited to sign up to enjoy online church worship and earn college credits. 
  • Each service will feature worship songs with lyrics, put into a playlist. These songs are legally available to view from Youtube. 
  • Each service has a time of prayer and The Lord's Supper.
  • The church offerings are for economically challenged students who are seeking to pay their administration fees for their college degrees. It is called the "Pool of Bethesda" scholarship. 

The Christian Leaders Church is not designed to replace your local church connection but to enhance your journey as a Christian leader. 

Christianity for LeadersThere are many books with titles like "Christianity for Dummies". This course is a dual CLI and CLC course. Learn from the sermons, earn credentials.