Christian Leaders Institute Program - Offers vision partner-supported tuition-free mini-courses, skill courses, and college-level courses that are recognized with Christian Leaders Institute awards. The Christian Leaders Institute has small fees for embossed official credentials. Students are included in the Christian Leaders Institute Directory. Click here

The Christian Leaders Institute also oversees the Life Coach Minister and the Matchmaking Minister program. 

Christian Leaders College Program- Offers tuition-free college courses(also used at Christian Leaders Institute) and a college credential program that conform to college accreditation standards. These courses are recognized for college credits for those who join Christian Leaders College. In addition, there are college administration fees for those pursuing college credentials. 

Christian Leaders Alliance Program- This program is led by an international commission of Christian Leaders Alliance Clergy members. Click here.   The clergy credentials include clergy status for licensed and ordained volunteer, part-time, or ordained ministers. These members are recognized in the Christian Leaders Clergy Directory. Click here. 

Endorsement status communicated that those in your personal and leadership circles see you as a Christian leader and affirms your calling to study and pursue ministry. 

These Endorsement status levels have many benefits that will bring you more confidence and credibility in your ministry journey.