Before you are eligible to enroll in the degree program, you must complete our Degree Program Overview class and make a payment toward the administrative fee. The completion of this class serves as your application to the degree program and the payment signifies your seriousness about pursuing this Degree.

This class is a step-by-step guide through the Associate of Divinity degree program at Christian Leaders Institute. Students seeking a Bachelor of Divinity degree must first earn the Associate of Divinity degree (minimum of 64 credits).

Designed for those who desire to progress further in relationship with God, gain advanced knowledge of the Bible and theology, and serve God in preaching, discipling, and other kinds of ministry. CLC’s Bachelor of Divinity combines elements of Bible college and seminary training. It equips you for ministry, and it also positions you for further study, if desired, in seminary or graduate school. The Bachelor of Divinity provides a double major: a Bible/Theology major and a Ministry major.

Designed to help you grow closer to Christ, become grounded in the Bible and theology, develop a biblical worldview, and build specific skills for chaplaincy. This is the capstone course for the Associate of Chaplaincy Degree Program.

Designed to build specific skills for chaplaincy on the foundation of a biblical worldview. With this degree, you can help to meet the ever-increasing need for effective chaplains, whether volunteers or paid professionals, whether officially ordained or informally ministering in various settings.

If you want to deepen your walk with God and be grounded in a biblical worldview before entering the workplace or seeking a bachelor’s degree at another institution, this degree is for you. The Associate of Christian Leadership also positions you well to continue at CLC and earn a bachelor’s degree. All general studies courses required for a four-year bachelor’s degree can be completed while earning this versatile degree.

Designed as a versatile degree to help you to be a well-rounded Christian leader applying a biblical worldview in a wide variety of life situations: business, trades, home, church, ministries. Graduates from high school or home school can earn a degree before entering a trade or master’s level studies. Retirees can strengthen knowledge and increase impact for Christ. The Bachelor of Christian Leadership provides you a double major: a Bible/Theology major and a Ministry major. In addition, you can choose a concentration in an area you want to focus on. If you want a triple major that includes business or philosophy, that is an option with this degree.