Alliance Minister

Welcome to the Christian Leaders Alliance

Christian Leaders Alliance oversees a church or kingdom minister program. Church ministers usually serve in their local church sphere of influence and connection. Kingdom Ministers has a local church but usually, ministers in many circles of influence and connection. 

The Commended Program - The Commended Minister Program is ordinarily for those who are called for a specific role in ministry.  This is often called a Lay Minister. This non-licensed or non-ordained role is perfect for local volunteer ministers. You will need level one commended status to participate in this program. This means you must receive one endorsement to become a commended minister. 

The Licensed Program - The Licensed Minister Program is the first clergy minister level at Christian Leaders Alliance. Ordinarily, you must receive two endorsements. The one exception is the Christian Wedding Officiant Role where you only need one endorsement. Ordinarily, licensed ministers are in volunteer or part-time minister positions. 

The Ordained Program - The Ordained Minister Program includes three endorsements. After the deacon minister role, the roles take more extensive training. The Ordained leaders ordinarily are seeking part-time or full-time ministry positions. 

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