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Welcome to the Christian Leaders Alliance

Christian Leaders Alliance was formed in 2014 to provide a recognized license or ordination process including study and recommendations with an international directory to bring more credibility to Christian leaders worldwide. Thousands are now ordained or licensed. The Christian Leaders Alliance also recognizes the certification of the Life Coach Ministers.  A Network Minister Council oversees the clergy recognition process at Christian Leaders Alliance.
You must have completed a Clergy program with the Christian Leaders Alliance to enroll in the Clergy Store. 
You only need to enroll once in this course to be allowed to order clergy products in the future. The system would not allow you to join in this Clergy store unless you finished a Clergy program. 
Recognition packages or products such as:

  • Clergy Kits
  • Clergy items
  • Other Clergy Resources

If you have completed a clergy program and are included in the Christian Leaders Alliance directory, you are certified as a posted clergy member with Christian Leaders Alliance.