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The Commended Program - The Commended Minister Program is ordinarily for those who are called for a specific role in ministry.  This is often called a Lay Minister. This non-licensed or non-ordained role is perfect for local volunteer ministers. You will need level one commended status to participate in this program. This means you must receive one endorsement to become a commended minister. 

The Licensed Program - The Licensed Minister Program is the first clergy minister level at Christian Leaders Alliance. Ordinarily, you must receive two endorsements. The one exception is the Christian Wedding Officiant Role where you only need one endorsement. Ordinarily, licensed ministers are in volunteer or part-time minister positions. 

The Ordained Program - The Ordained Minister Program includes three endorsements. After the deacon minister role, the roles take more extensive training. The Ordained leaders ordinarily are seeking part-time or full-time ministry positions. 

Click here to see Minister Credential Program offered at Christian Leaders Alliance. 

More Minister Credential Recognition Information and Links

Christian Leaders Insitute partners with Christian Leaders Alliance in minister credential recognition. Christian Leaders Alliance oversees the course requirements completion and the local endorsement process for clergy recognition. Licensed or ordained clergy are then listed in a global directory. In addition, there are many clergy programs with Christian Leaders Alliance. These Bible School programs are for those who are volunteer, part-time, or full-time clergy.

Commended Minister Roles - The commended minister program is ideal for someone called to be a volunteer Christian leader or minister. In addition, this program is perfect for those ordained as local elders or deacons. Finally, this commended minister program is ideal for small group leaders or leaders called to a specific ministry area.  Click here for more details

Licensed Minister Roles – The Christian Leaders Alliance offers many licensed minister roles. Click here to find out more.

Are you interested in being licensed as a Wedding Officiant? Maybe you have been asked to perform a wedding? Do you want an online wedding officiant program?

Ordained Minister Roles – The Christian Leaders Alliance offers these free ministry classes for you to become ordained. In addition, there are many recognized roles. Click here to find out more.

Life Coach Minister Certifications

Christian Leaders Institute is your pathway to complete a Life Coach Minister curriculum. There are several certification levels from which to chose. You can also decide if you desire to be licensed or ordained. Click here to find out more at

Christian Home Schooling Ministers

We think of a homeschool teacher as a home discipleship minister. Many churches have Sunday school programs for their children. Those parents who home school are ministers. Christian Leaders Institute gives homeschooling teachers and homeschooled children many opportunities. Click here to find out more.

More Suggested Links

Clergy Government Page – Government officials may want to link to verify the credential program of licensed or ordained leaders that includes the training of Christian Leaders Institute.

Global Minister Commission – A global minister commission leads the Christian Leaders Alliance.

Get Ordained Online with a local Commission.  Click here. 

Christian Leaders Alliance was formed in 2014 to provide a recognized license or ordination process, including study and recommendations with an international directory to bring more credibility to Christian leaders worldwide. As a result, thousands are now ordained or licensed. The Christian Leaders Alliance also recognizes the certification of the Life Coach Ministers.  A Network Minister Council oversees the clergy recognition process at Christian Leaders Alliance.