Alliance Minister

Are you called to ministry? Are you looking for a minister credentialing program to help you be more effective in ministry? Christian Leaders Alliance grants minister credentials to those called to serve. Five minister programs fit volunteer, part-time, and full-time ministers. Each program has different core requirements.

After you complete the core requirements, you are welcome to specialize in specific topics depending on your calling.

The Christian Leaders Alliance has five minister programs that include:

  • Tuition-Free Ministry Training – The tuition-free ministry training courses consist of mini-courses,  skill courses, and academic courses.
  • Local Endorsements – Each minister program requires a local endorsement component that helps confirm ministry fitness.
  • Membership in the Christian Leaders Alliance – The Christian Leaders Alliance credentials thousands of ministers and is guided by the Christian Leaders Alliance Commission,
  • Inclusion in the International Minister Directory – The minister program and any specialization are publically recognized.
  • Official Minister Documents – When you complete your selected minister credential program, you can order credential packages that recognize your minister credentialing journey.

Endorsement status communicated that those in your personal and leadership circles see you as a Christian leader and affirms your calling to study and pursue ministry. 

These Endorsement status levels have many benefits that will bring you more confidence and credibility in your ministry journey.