Christian Leaders

Welcome to Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute offers free, online, at your own pace, courses. 

Christian Leaders Institute offers a Ministry Recognition Program that includes Awards, Certificates, and Diplomas. 

Awards are credentials that require under 30 credits.
Certificates are credentials that require from 30 credits to 60 credits.
Diplomas are credentials that require 60 credits or more.

Awards, Certificates, and Diplomas can be purchased in the Christian Leaders Store ( or directly from the dashboard. Prices are adjusted based on your location/tier, so your price may be lower than that presented in the video. Unofficial awards can also be downloaded for free from the Guidance and Credential Panel.

Ministry Skills courses are courses that give Institute credit (not for college credit) to better equip individuals seeking to complete the education for commended, licensed, or ordained roles.

Mini-Courses are also a part of the Institute. Mini-courses are less than 5 hours of training in a more specified topic. They also contain forums for students to answer discussion questions and reply to other participants.