Christian Leaders Institute offers mini-courses that can be completed within 1 to 5 hours. These mini-courses will cover a wide variety of topics.  

Would you like to grow a more indestructible marriage? Are you interested in being a more effective marriage minister?  This course links to videos by Dr. Jim and Karen Evans of XO Marriage. 

What are the essential things to know about healthy living? This mini-course explores selected topics presented by Christian cardiologist Dr. James Markum

Critical theories are spreading throughout the world.  This mini-course evaluates these theories from the perspective of Grace.  Critical Grace Theory sees grace through faith in Jesus Christ as the only way out of these struggles. 

We have seen a new definition of gender emerging and sometimes it gets confusing as we try to love others; but, feel as if we are being bombarded with this revised world system. Narcistic, self-promoting, vulgar, and rude…these are some of the qualities of the role models we see offered to this iGeneration. But, despite all of the efforts to alter our perception of gender, what will not change is the definition of a virtuous woman of God.

If you never took a philosophy course but wanted to have some working knowledge, this Mini-Course might be a perfect fit. This course features Templeton Award winner Dr. Roy Clouser. 

After you become a Christian man, you seek to grow as a Man of God. This mini-course explores becoming a more vibrant man of God. 

Serving the Lord with a great attitude brings blessing to yourself and others. If you are looking to thrive in friendship, courtship, marriage, ministry, business, and about everything else a great or positive attitude goes a long way. 

This mini-course explores how to build people up. This course will help you love your neighbor, whether that neighbor is in your family, friendship pool, work, church, or community. 

These are also important skills for those seeking a marriage match. If you want more confidence in all your human connections, this mini-course could be helpful.

Be Inspired in your ministry calling by traveling to Turkey and Greece. These selected YouTube videos are filled with rich content about the context of early Christianity. 

Developing the life skill of cleaning with bring blessing to your life. This course will also give you valuable information and skill concerning starting a CleaningBiz mini-course.